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Intuitive Eating Workshop

           Are you ready to truly change your relationship with food and learn to listen to the cues your body gives you? Our intuitive eating workshop is a 4 week course on changing your negative thoughts about food and enhancing your ability to tune in to what your body wants and needs.

Topics Include:

-Satiety: Hunger and Fullness

-Grocery Shopping

-Eating out

-Mindful movement

Your package includes 4 individual sessions and will also include a pre and post assessment to track your progress on the journey to intuitive eating without focusing on a number on the scale. 

Cost: $420/person -  group discounts available, please ask!

Schedule: At your own pace

Location: 1760 Reston Parkway, Suite 212, Reston, Virginia 20190

Call us today to sign up and get started!​

Please note, this package is intended for those individuals who are in stages of recovery appropriate for intuitive eating approaches. If you're not sure if this would be a good fit for you, please don't hesitate to call and ask! 

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