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Spring into Action!

Spring is here! Well... maybe! ☺ After a long winter, we are all anxoius for the warmer spring weather. Weather where we can get outside more and do outdoor activities. Activities like going for hikes or walks, bike riding, exploring the city that we live so close to, or even yard work are all great ways to enjoy not just the warmer weather but movement as well. Although there is often pressure to exercise for maintaining a healthy weight alone, we like to focus on the other wonderful benefits of physical activitiy too. These benefits include stress relief, being able to enjoy fresh air and the outdoors, and also as a way to socialize and meet people. Here are just a handful of activities in the Northern Virginia Area that you might enjoy this spring:

  1. Billy Goat Trail in Potomac, MD

  2. Mount Vernon Trail in Arlington VA

  3. Stand Up Paddle boarding-offered in different locations

  4. Bike Tours in different cities and locations

  5. Golfing in the numerous golf courses

  6. Exploring the Washington National Zoo

If learning to move joyfully or eat more intuitively is something you're interested in learning more about, reach out to us today for an initial assessment!


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