A 1 hour assessment to get to know you and create an individualized plan for your unique goals and needs. 
Your dietitian will help you determine the best plan for follow up in order to meet your nutritional and financial needs.
An option for a group of 4 to 8 individuals. Includes hour long sessions once per week over a total of 4 weeks (4 sessions total). Topics can include but are not limited to intuitive eating, grocery shopping, eating out, and meal planning. Group schedule based on interest level and participant availability.
If your child is struggling with their intake, meeting with the entire family can be a proactive step in creating a happier environment at home.


We currently do not accept insurance, but will gladly provide you with paperwork to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Some insurance companies will reimburse you for a percentage of your appointment fee.

Please contact us via phone, email, or the contact form on our website to learn more about our pricing options.

If you are having trouble affording the care you need, please don't hesitate contact our office to see if we can work within your budget and/or help you find the resources you need.