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Metabolism: Fuel the Flame

As we enter a new year, you'll hear about diets everywhere. Rather than making promises to alter your body's shape or size, what if you resolved to learn more about how your body works and treated it with respect and love?

Start with learning about your metabolism...

There are many things in life that need to be stoked like a fire for the flame to burn bigger and brighter. A friendship may fizzle out if you are not investing in that person and making time for them. A special skill or talent you have may not be as impressive if you don’t take time to practice or rehearse. Similarly, your metabolism will not be able to provide you with energy if you do not fuel yourself.

Let me briefly explain what metabolism is. Metabolism is your body using nutrients to keep your bodily functions running normally. Simply put, it is converting food into energy.

If you consistently feed the flame of your metabolism then it will be an active fire and provide you with lots of energy. This will help you feel fueled and ensure all your organs and bodily systems are up and running.

On the flip side, imagine trying to keep a fire burning strong without providing kindling. That flame will shrink and conserve its heat in a tiny flame to try to keep itself lit instead of using up energy on creating a large flame. In the body, this translates to a lack of nourishment slowing metabolism because the body will try to conserve energy for only the most important functions, such as beating your heart and pumping your lungs. If this under-nourishment is prolonged, body functions will start to be "turned" off, typically starting with hormone production, reproductive abilities, and the ability to maintain body temperature. Unfortunately, just like a flame without kindling will eventually blow out, if and energy deficit persists the body will have no choice but to continue shutting down.

Keep that fire burning by fueling your body with all the different nutrients it requires.

For help fueling or reigniting your metabolic flame reach out to the Mood Balance Nutrition team to schedule your individualized session.

-Melissa S.

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