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Summer's Bounty

We LOVE summer time, and the availability of a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables just makes it even better. Whether it's corn on the cob at a friend's barbecue or a juicy slice of watermelon on a hot day, enjoying the flavors of the season can help you increase your vitamin, mineral, and fiber intake in a delicious way. Buying produce that is in season can help reduce cost. Local farmer's markets can also be a great place to find good deals on in season produce since the fruits and veggies haven't traveled as far.

Below are some seasonal summer produce combinations we love:

Ideas for In Season Dishes

- Watermelon salad with feta and fresh mint

- Corn, black bean, and tomato salad with fresh herbs and Italian dressing

- Veggie kabobs on the grill brushed with olive oil and your favorite seasonings

- Beet salad with goat cheese and arugula

- Simple sautéed yellow squash and zucchini or a squash and zucchini casserole

- Berry everything! Berries with shortbread and whipped cream, mixed berry salad with citrus vinaigrette, or berry cobbler/pie

- Fresh tomato, basil, and mozzarella, can be sliced, stacked and eaten raw, or use them to top a pizza

- Radishes for snacking or on salad

- Peppers grilled, roasted, or eaten raw with dip

See what interesting combinations you can come up with, the more colorful, the better!

We hope you enjoy the summer weather and gathering with family and friends outdoors. Enjoy the summer and enjoy the tastes of the season!


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