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Thanksgiving in the time of COVID

While this year has certainly challenged us all in various ways, Thanksgiving will be another unique 2020 experience to remember! And while we may not be able to gather in large groups, around the table, indoors, with all our closest family and friends, we can still engage in new traditions and joyful celebrations of the things we CAN do. We recommend following local and state guidelines wherever you are to ensure a safe celebration.

If you're opting to stay home, here are some ways to stay connected this year:

*Host a virtual meal or dessert. ZOOM has opened up unlimited sessions to anyone on Thanksgiving day, why not call up old friends or far away relatives to enjoy some pumpkin pie via the computer with no time limits!

*Plan a virtual game night. If your family is anything like mine, big family gatherings = big family board games (and way too much competitive spirit). Games like 20 questions, charades, or even truth or dare can be played via phone or facetime to a similar level of embarrassment as the in person real deal :)

*If you're cooking for fewer people, only make the most favorite and treasured dishes, cut recipes in half, or plan to have plenty of tupperware for freezing individual meals to eat over the coming weeks. You could even do a "micro" Thanksgiving like Ina Garten plans to do!

*As always, eat mindfully, take care of your body, and focus on nourishing yourself first and foremost. New traditions can sometimes be the most fun if we lean into them!

Thank you for all you have given us as clinicians and allowing us to share in your journeys!

With gratitude,

Ashley, Liz, Melissa, Amanda, Veronica, and Carly


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